Screen­print Cavia(r)


Peruvians like to eat ceviche, but they prefer guinea pigs (cavia). They did that before they were Incas, four thousand years ago.
They fry the animals in fat and the guinea pig head does not leave any Peruvian behind.

The book The Potato Eaters contains 20 beautiful illustrations by draftsman, artist and tattoo friend Emiel W Steenhuizen.
We have selected 3 of those illustrations and published them in a beautiful series of screen prints in collaboration with screen printing workshop KAPITAL in Utrecht. Each illustration comes in an exclusive, one-time edition of 50 pieces and are all signed and numbered by the artist.

Coq au vin // Pasta // Caviar

Signed and numbered in an edition of 50
Format: 420 x 594mm (A2)

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